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Colorado Criminal Defense

When faced with criminal charges in Colorado, navigating the state’s legal system, penalties, and procedures becomes crucial. Both defendants and their families need clarity on Colorado’s criminal laws. Our team of dedicated and experienced criminal defense lawyers is here to enforce your legal rights and help you make informed decisions throughout every step of the criminal justice process.

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Police Officers Checking Vehicles | Colorado Springs DUI Attorney​​ | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Colorado Springs DUI Attorney

Colorado’s DUI laws are strict, leading to consequences like license suspension, possible jail time, and hefty fines. Our dedicated Colorado Springs DUI Attorneys provide strong defenses, making sure you’re well-informed and positioned for the most favorable outcome.
Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Criminal Defense

Looking for a skilled Colorado criminal defense lawyer? The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, based in Colorado Springs, provides expert criminal defense services across Colorado. Our experienced attorneys ensure your rights are protected and offer thorough case analysis to navigate Colorado's complex criminal laws. Prioritizing client needs and staying updated with the latest legal statutes, we aim to deliver the best possible defense for every case. Trust us to guide you through every step of your legal journey.
Criminal mischief attorney Colorado Springs | Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC

Criminal Mischief

In Colorado, criminal mischief, also known as vandalism, involves knowingly damaging another's property, including co-owned or property with shared interest. Charges, misdemeanor or felony, vary by damage extent and value. Repeat offenders face harsher penalties. Early legal representation by a property crimes attorney can be pivotal for a favorable outcome.
Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney | Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC

Criminal Process

Whether you are facing your first arrest or one of many, you need aggressive legal representation to defend your rights. The skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, are here to advocate for you and guide you through every step of the criminal process from start to finish.
Criminal Trespass Defense Attorney Colorado Springs | Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC

Criminal Trespass

Charged with criminal trespass in Colorado? Serious penalties await, from felonies to fines. Act swiftly and secure your defense with Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC. Our seasoned attorneys specialize in property crimes, offering the legal prowess needed to challenge your charges.
Colorado Springs Cybercrime Attorney | Law Offices of Clifton Black


“Cyber Crimes” refers to various unlawful activities carried out through computers, smartphones, and the internet. Our highly-trained cybercrime attorneys, with years of experience, offer unmatched defense strategies tailored to address your needs. If you find yourself under investigation for a cybercrime offense, contact our office right away.
Silhouettes Depicting Domestic Violence | Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Attorney​​​​ | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Domestic Violence

Seeking a reliable domestic violence attorney in Colorado Springs? At Clifton Black Law, our dedicated legal team is committed to advocating for victims and defending the accused in domestic violence cases. With compassion and expertise, we ensure that your rights are protected. Contact us today for unparalleled legal representation in Colorado Springs.
Harassment Defense Lawyer Colorado Springs

Domestic Violence – Harassment

Facing harassment charges in Colorado? The law is broad, targeting physical intimidation and online threats alike. Conviction could mean jail time and substantial fines. To protect your rights and navigate the complexities of harassment law, consult with a seasoned criminal defense attorney promptly.
Expert Colorado Drug Crime Defense Attorney | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Drug Crimes

When faced with drug-related charges in Colorado, it’s vital to understand the state’s intricate legal landscape, potential consequences, and defense strategies. Our experienced drug crime attorneys prioritize defending your rights and seeking the most favorable outcome possible.
Colorado Springs False Imprisonment Attorney

False Imprisonment

False imprisonment involves unlawfully detaining someone without movement, unlike kidnapping. It can occur due to misunderstandings or for malicious reasons like ransom. Legal representation is crucial when facing such charges. Under Colorado law, movement distinguishes kidnapping from false imprisonment, with both carrying severe penalties, including potential felony charges.
Colorado Springs Assault Attorney

Felony Assault

Assault, in its most basic form, touching someone in an unwanted manner. The crime is the most common charge in Colorado, but it can be elevated to felony assault when certain factors are present. The State of Colorado divides assault into three categories: first, second, and third-degree.
Felony Defense

Felony Defense

Felony offenses carry weighty and lasting consequences in Colorado. We provide aggressive felony defense attorney services to keep your future as bright as possible. Contact our office today to learn more.
Forgery Defense Lawyer


In Colorado, forgery—a serious offense involving document alteration or counterfeit—can lead to felony charges. It's vital to consult an experienced attorney if accused, as forgery carries significant penalties that can affect your future. Expert legal counsel is key to navigating these charges and protecting your freedom.
Identity Theft Attorney

Identity Theft

Theft charges in Colorado Springs can severely impact your reputation and future. With penalties ranging from fines to prison time based on the stolen property's value, it's crucial to defend against these accusations. Seek experienced legal counsel to navigate Colorado's complex theft laws and safeguard your personal and professional standing.
Internet Luring of a Child Defense Attorney

Internet Luring of a Child

Internet luring of a child is a grave felony in Colorado, risking fines, prison, and sex offender registration. If facing such charges, immediately secure strong legal representation to defend your rights and navigate the judicial process. Don't delay; an experienced attorney is crucial for your case.
Menacing Defense


In Colorado, menacing is threatening behavior that instills fear of harm, carrying fines and jail time. Charges escalate with weapon involvement, ranging from a class 3 misdemeanor to a class 5 felony, with penalties up to three years' imprisonment. Legal counsel is vital when facing these serious accusations.
Miranda Rights

Miranda Rights

Miranda Rights are essential during custodial interrogation, not arrest. Voluntary statements can still be used in court. Skilled attorneys, like those at Clifton Black, PC, can assess for suppression of evidence, which might lead to case dismissal if no other evidence is available.
Criminal Acts Committed Against Properties | Property Crime Lawyer | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Property Crimes

Whether you are facing a minor charge like trespassing or a major felony like arson or burglary, obtaining expert guidance from experienced attorneys ensures informed decisions. Our dedicated legal team includes experts in arson, burglary, and all property crime cases, ensuring clients receive strong defense and clear guidance throughout all court proceedings.
Restraining Order Document | Restraining Orders Lawyer | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Protection Orders

Protection orders play a critical role in keeping Colorado residents safe from acts of domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and other forms of abuse. Our team offers focusd knowledge in obtaining protection orders, providing custom strategies for every individual case. We will remain by your side from the start of the protection order process through its conclusion.
People Protesting in the Streets | Protest Lawyer | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Protesting Offenses

Navigating a protest-related charge can be stressful. We deeply respect and advocate for the First Amendment rights of all citizens. Our dedicated and experienced legal team ensures your right to peaceful assembly remains protected. From initial guidance to a strong defense, our protest lawyers will stand by you every step of the way.
Printed Document with a Seal | Sealing Records Colorado | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Record Sealing

Sealing a record in Colorado essentially makes it inaccessible to the general public. From helping you pursue a record-sealing request to providing reliable and effective criminal defense to all of our clients, our attorneys offer various legal services, ensuring top-tier representation at every turn.
Man in Handcuffs for Committing Sex Crimes | Sex Crime Attorney | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Sex Crimes

Those facing sex crime allegations in Colorado often face deep-rooted stigmas and potentially life-altering consequences. Our accomplished team of sex crimes and sexual assault defense attorneys is unwavering in their dedication to championing your rights, ensuring that both the law and the evidence are justly assessed.
Man Attempting to Break the Car Glass | Colorado Springs Theft Attorney​​ | Law Offices of CB

Theft Charges in Colorado

Colorado’s theft laws are comprehensive, encompassing a wide array of offenses beyond the usual acts like stealing money or goods. If you are facing theft or robbery charges in Colorado Springs, contact our office to discuss your defense strategy with a dedicated and trusted theft crimes attorney who will work hard to protect your best interests at every turn.
Third Degree Domestic Assault

Third Degree Domestic Assault

Colorado enhances crimes with domestic violence elements, affecting any offense related to intimate or shared parental relationships. Assault charges, for instance, escalate in severity based on harm and weapon use. If facing such enhancements, it's critical to consult a knowledgeable attorney to address the complexities of your case.
Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular Homicide

In Colorado, those who drive a motor vehicle in a reckless manner or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cause a fatal accident may be charged with vehicular homicide. No matter what the details of your case may be, you can trust that we will work hard to identify and pursue the most strategic path forward to protect your future and your freedom.
Criminal Conviction in Court | Violent Crimes Attorney | Law Offices of Clifton Black

Violent Crimes

Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys and violent crime experts have a proven track record of navigating Colorado’s legal landscape. With years of experience in various violent crime cases, our attorneys craft unique defense tactics tailored to address each situation. You can trust us to advocate tirelessly to enforce your rights and keep your future as bright as possible.
Courtroom Setting for Legal Trials| Law Offices of Clifton Black | Colorado Springs

White Collar Crimes

Facing white-collar crime charges, such as credit card fraud, identity theft, forgery, or embezzlement, demands expert legal defense. At the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC in Colorado Springs, we focus in defending clients from state and federal white-collar criminal charges. Our mission is to deliver a strong defense, protect your rights, and guide you toward a brighter future.

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