Business Listing #22-05


Business Listing # 22-05 The High Life in the Rockies – A Pioneering Medical Marijuana Store Awaits New Leadership

Type of License: Medical Marijuana Store (MMS)

Welcome to the grandeur of the Rockies, where a unique business opportunity blooms amidst the peaks. Nestled in Colorado Springs, this thriving Medical Marijuana Store (MMS) is perfectly positioned to benefit from the anticipated dawn of recreational sales. With a hyper-specific product focus, there is boundless potential for expanding the product line and multiplying sales.


Price: $295,000


Location, Location, Location:

This dispensary offers a prime location right off the interstate, surrounded by hotels and restaurants, and just minutes away from the iconic Garden of the Gods. It’s not just a place to buy – it’s a destination in itself, ready to serve locals and tourists alike.


Enjoy a very cannabis-friendly environment with a reasonable monthly rent of $4,378.09,
renewed yearly. With 2,375 sq. ft. of retail space and a standard 120V Electrical System,
the store is designed for versatility and growth.


Landlord Friendly: Very friendly

Layout: Square Footage of Store: 2,375 sq. ft.

Electrical: Standard Electrical System for the Medical Dispensary.



Efficiency in Operations:

Two dedicated employees, including a manager, run this operation. This lean staffing approach allows us to keep labor costs at the absolute minimum, making us one of the most cost-efficient dispensaries in the area.


Additional Information: Huge market share available for cannabis sales in the Springs.



Impressive Track Record

Since our doors first swung open, this location has achieved $10 million in sales, a
testament to its viability and popularity.

● Sales in 2018: $628,789
● Sales in 2019: $274,112
● Sales in 2020: $4,133,643
● Sales in 2021: $1,759,372



Profit generation has been equally noteworthy:

● Profits in 2018: $46,562
● Profits in 2019: $73,274
● Profits in 2020: $766,887
● Profits in 2021: $462,884


Asset List:

The sale includes a host of valuable assets to ease your transition, including three POS systems with computers and printers, two refrigerators, glass display cabinets, a DVR system with battery backup and 20 security cameras, three half-ton safes, stainless steel tables, a massage chair, and two TVs.
Embrace the spirit of Colorado and embark on a rewarding journey in the cannabis industry. This is your chance to capitalize on the green rush and forge a legacy in the heart of the Rockies! Your future at the peak awaits.

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