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Two options for the sale of the lab

Type of License: Retail Marijuana Testing, Medical Marijuana testing, and Hemp-Official Compliance Testing Lab.

A ready to go analytical testing lab!

Price: There are two options for the sale of the lab:

Anyone purchasing the “lab” portion will also need to acquire all the licensing mentioned.

  1. $1,000,000 for building, property, lab and building contents.
  2. $450,000 for lab only, and lease agreement – laboratory instruments and consumables inventory would be purchased by buyer. Lab owner would rent building and property from seller.


Monthly Rent: $3,000
Term: Until December of 2025
Landlord Friendly: Yes


All Licensing processes will be handled at the State and Local County level. Licensing pricing is subject to change and are approximate amounts. These prices can be found at the State and local County government websites.


  • Each license type (Medical or Retail) has a state issued license AND a City of Pueblo issued license. Very similar to any other cannabis license that requires the state license and a local/county license.
  • The City of Pueblo license is divided into 2 separate areas: City Clerk and City Planning and Development. The Planning & Development is known locally as the Conditional Use Permit or CUP. The total cost for these 2 areas is $7,500 for retail and $7,000 for medical. These are the current prices and are subject to change.
  • In each license type (medical and retail) every “Testing Type” (potency, microbial, heavy metal, residual solvents and pesticide) requires an additional approval/certification by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). After the initial certification by the CDPHE, there is an annual “audit” that is performed by the CDPHE.


  • The CDPHE is the only entity that requires certification for “official” Hemp testing activities. Like cannabis, the CDPHE requires certification in each testing type. The testing types for hemp are the same for cannabis (potency, microbial, heavy metal, residual solvent and pesticide)
  • R&D testing for hemp does not require any certifications or licenses from any entity what-so-ever.
  • Potency, for official compliance (which must include moisture analysis for dry-weight evaluation, see note 1)
  • USDA requires a DEA license effective Jan 1, 2023.


  • Note 1: Cannabis potency testing is done “as-is” meaning the sample is dried by the grower. When the harvest is dried and ready to be sold, a sample is collected by the grow and sent to a testing lab for analysis. At this point the lab takes the sample in and tests it “as-is” or as received.
    Hemp potency testing is done as R&D or For Official Compliance.
  • R&D is typically done when a grower is looking for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to show what cannabinoid is product has (CBD, THC, CBG Delta-8, or so on). This testing is exactly the same as the potency testing for cannabis.
  • The CO Department of Ag, CDA, (through the USDA) requires all hemp growers to have their plants tested for Total THC content PRIOR to harvest. This is quite different from cannabis which has their product tested AFTER harvest and drying.
  • This “Pre-Harvest For Official Compliance Test” (Hemp Official Compliance, HOC, is what our lab is calling it) is what is required by the CDA. The CDA gives the CDPHE the authority to certify testing labs for this test type.

Lab Includes:

  • The instrument used for testing potency is HPLC – High Pressure Liquid Chromatography.
  • The instrument used for testing microbials is PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • The instrument used for testing for heavy metals is ICPMS – Inter Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer.
  • The Instrument used for testing for residual solvents is GCMS – Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

The instrument used for testing for moisture content is a Moisture Balance.

The Instrument used for testing water activity (comes into microbial testing, similar to moisture testing for HOC potency testing) is a Water Probe. Lab has two of these on hand.

Additionally, the lab can test for Brix level, which is the health of live plants. The Brix Refractometer tells the sugar content of the plant matter which can indicate the overall health of a plant. There is no official requirement by any entity to test for this. We had a client ask for Brix Testing, so we added it as an extra service.

Lab does not include:

  • The instrument for testing pesticides. (typically, labs use a LCMS-MS – Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer Mass Spectrometer).

NB: A Mass Spectrometer (MS or also called a Mass Spec) is an individual piece of instrumentation, attached to a primary instrument such as a GC or LC (Gas Chromatography or Liquid Chromatography) to obtain more detailed results. A Mass Spec can be added in tandem, MS-MS, to obtain even more detailed results. A tandem MS (MS-MS) makes for finer and better results.

List of instruments on hand (*except pesticide testing using LCMSMS which is not included):

Test Type Instrument
Potency HPLC
Microbial PCR
Heavy Metal ICPMS
Residual Solvent GCMS
*Pesticide *LCMSMS
Moisture Content Moisture Balance
Water Activity Water Probe
Plant Heath Brix Refractometer

A laboratory is required to track samples and testing internally, separate from the MED’s METRIC system. This lab software is call a “LIMS” (laboratory inventory management system.)

What the LIMS is calling “inventory” is actually the samples that the lab tests.


  • The CDPHE requires labs to have ISO 17025 accreditation. This is essentially an audit from an outside source such as A2LA, ANAB, PJ, or COLA. Each Test Type (potency, microbials, heavy metals, etc….) must have ISO accreditation.


Square Footage of Testing Facility: 1,800

Room for Expansion: Conference Room is 168 sq ft, and only about 30 sq ft is currently being used. There is 138 sq ft available for expansion.

Location Highlights: Easy access from I-25. Located front range road, 1,00 cars per hour pass the lab (2015 City statistic). Centrally located in Southern Colorado’s prime hemp and cannabis locations grows, manufactures and stores.

Electrical and HVAC:

Electrical: Brand new Rebuild December 2019 CO RCVD.

HVAC: Brand New two Trane RTU’s and all duct work. One 13-ton RTU, and one 8- ton RTU.

Lighting System: Main Electrical Panel – 200 A, two Sub Panel – 100 A.

Brand new electrical, plumbing, walls, ceilings, and lighting.


This is truly a move in special.


Financing: Owner carry will be considered with sufficient down payment.

Storage: Secure, Temperature Controlled Vault Storage, samples are organized in a locked vault with its own thermostat and cooling unit for precise temperature control from ambient to freezing.

Secure Hemp Drying room, with fresh cut hemp samples can be stored in the secured Drying room. Drying room has its own air circulation system and temperature control. Typical drying time for fully budded stalks 5”-8” is 24 hours.

Additional Information:

  • Fully functional analytical testing laboratory includes full security system, 24/7 monitoring, and infrared video recording of all areas of the lab with over 60 days of on-site storage. Custom decorative security fence with automatic gate opener. 8’ chain link fence topped with barbed wire. Ring doorbell located on security fence for walk-up customers and deliveries. A truly secure and beautiful laboratory property.
  • Shimadzu Scientific guarantees their continued support of their instruments after purchase.

Equipment List:

• Shimadzu GCMS & Associated Equipment
• HS-20 LOOP
• Power Conditioner
• Hydrogen Generator – Parker Balston
• Pump
• Computer Workstation
• Dell Monitor
• Printer

• Shimadzu 2030 LF and associated equipment
• HS-20 LOOP
• Power Conditioner
• Pump
• Shimadzu Autosampler
• Multiwave GO PLUS
• 12 Pressure Vessels
• Computer workstation
• Computer monitor
• SMC Thermal Chiller
• Printer

AW (Water Activity)
• Rotronic HC2-AW-USB
• Rotronic HC2-AW-USB

• ATC Refractometer

• PCR Blue Sensovation Imager
• Applied Biosystems Mini Amp Thermal Cycler
• Benchmark Scientific Plate Fuge Micro Centrifuge
• Fisher Brand Microplate Centrifuge
• Fisher Brand Analog Vortex Mixer
• Cole-Parmer Pump/Compressor
• Labnet Mini Centrifuge, Blue
• Labnet Slide Spinner
• Barcode Scanner
• PCR – Green Fisher Brand Vortex Mixer
• Heat Block 55 DEG C (HB-02)
• Heat Block 55 DEG C (HB-01)
• Fisher Brand Analog Vortex Mixer
• Labnet Mini Centrifuge, Red
• Themo Fisher Scientific
• Nuaire-Biological Safety Cabinet
• 2 Quincy Lab Oven
• PCR Hood, Red

• Shimadzu Prominence -I HPLC & Associated Equipment
• Dell Tower Computer
• Dell Flat Screen Monitor
• HP Deskjet

• Office Computer
• Cisco Switch
• AOC Monitor
• Dell Mouse
• Dell Keyboard
• Dell Power Edge Tower T310

Intake Computer
• Dell Monitor
• Dell Mouse M/N M-BAC DEL 5
• Dell Keyboard
• Dell Precision R7610 Tower, Rack Mount
• LogiTech External Speakers

QDir Computer
• Dell Monitor
• Dell Mouse
• Dell Optiplex 960 Tower
• Logitech External Speakers Z130

SR Analyst Computer
• Acer Monitor
• Dell Mouse
• Dell Keyboard
• Dell Optiplex 9020 Tower
• Logitech External Speakers Z130

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