Business Listing #23-2


Business Listing #23-2

Type of License: 1 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Locations (MMCL) and 1 Medical Marijuana Stores (MMS).

Price: $250,000


2021: $2,480, 837.92
2022: $677, 936.40
2023 YTD: $77,128.22

Financing Options: Seller willing to consider financing options for elevated purchase price and 50% down payment.


Monthly Rent:  $4,500 per month

Term: Annual Renewals

Landlord Friendly: Yes


MMCL    Class     500 plants


Plants: Average Flower plants: 200

Average VEG Plants: 100

Average Clones: 10

Weight produced per month: 20-60 lbs.


Square Footage of MMS: 800 sq. ft

Square footage of Grow Cultivations: 2,600 sq. ft

Ceiling height of each location:

Store: 8ft

Flower rooms: 16 ft

Veg Rooms: 7.5 ft


  • Zoned C6
  • Each room plumbed for individual CO2 emitters, floor drains

Electrical and HVAC:

Electrical: 400 amps 3 phase

HVAC: 6 cooling units, one in each flower room, veg room and office area

Lighting Systems for Grow:

Mixture of Led, Lex and Double ended


Number of Employees: 3
Number of Managers: 1
Are employees desiring to stay: Yes


Expansion: No room for expansion


Additional Information:

Grow is currently being cleaned and repaired. No flowing plants at the moment

Willing to break up back area for current owner’s/ seller use and reduce rent


Asset List:
• 3 complete POS
• 5 Certified Scales
• Grow Equipment to include
◦ Lights
◦ Pumps
◦ Trays

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