Recreational Marijuana Dispensary & Grow Facility

Business Listing #22-03


Business Listing #22-03

For sale is a fully operational and profitable Recreational Marijuana Dispensary and Indoor/Outdoor Grow Facility, nestled in the thriving community of Pueblo West, Colorado.

Price:  This opportunity is as green as it gets, with a price tag of $1,420,000 (inventory sold separately) and a cannabis-friendly landlord!

Real Estate & Lease:

This expansive property offers a spacious Recreational Dispensary, spanning 3,996 sq. ft., and a 1-acre Recreational Grow Facility. The lease, up for renewal on November 23rd, 2023, comes with a modest monthly rent of $10,000.


Licenses & Growth Potential:

This operation holds both a Recreational Dispensary and Tier 1 Recreational Grow license, allowing cultivation of up to 1,800 plants indoors and outdoors. But that’s just the beginning! The Grow license holds potential for a higher plant count and greenhouses, subject to Marijuana Rules and local approvals. Dream of vertical integration? This site is primed for an additional MIP’s license (Marijuana infused products), enabling you to produce marijuana extracts(Dabs, Distillate, Live Resin, etc.) and edibles (Gummies, Brownies, Drinks, and more!)

Operations & Automation:
The grow operation is equipped with 225 automated 65-gallon pots, managed by a Smartbee system and a Dosatron irrigation system. Just add plants and nutrients, and you’re ready to grow! This setup has yielded 1,300 pounds of product over the past three years. This operation is also ready for indoor cultivation, and is wired up with plugs for indoor growing year round!

Average Flower Plants: 1,800 for Outdoor Grow.
Recreational Grow has produced 1,300 pounds of product in the last 3 years.


Square Footage of Recreational Dispensary: 3,996 sq. ft.
Square Footage of Recreational Grow Facility: 1 acre


Electrical and HVAC:
The facility is equipped with a 600-amp three-phase system and boasts six 4-ton HVAC units and four evaporative unit systems. Wired with 240v plugs, it’s all set for indoor cultivation.

Lighting Systems for Grow:

This is an outdoor grow, but the building is wired with 240v plugs for lights for an inside grow.



An efficient and dedicated team of eight employees is eager to stay on and contribute to the business’s continued success.

Additional Information:

Customer Base & Market Share:

With a loyal customer base of 37,000 and a strong market share in the local area, this location ensures robust demand for your products. A dynamic texting program keeps thousands of customers informed about daily deals and marketing efforts that allows for instant online  ordering.

Financial Performance:

The business’s financial health is as robust as the crop it produces. Since opening, it has generated revenues of $12 million! Here’s a snapshot of the healthy profits and revenues over the years:


2019: $143,781
2020: $1,705,395
2021: $1,204,043
2022: $1,080,245


2019: $459,060
2020: $4,217,095
2021: $3,894,389
2022: $2,402,511.52


This deal comes bundled with assets such as POS systems, a security system, a harvest freeze dryer, a flower packing machine, kitchen appliances, storage racks, water tanks, and more.

So, are you ready to turn over a new leaf in the thriving cannabis industry? Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity!

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