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Theft Charges in Colorado

Offering Skilled Defense for Theft Crimes in Colorado Springs

At The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, we’re the go-to theft lawyers in Colorado Springs. Dealing with theft charges can be daunting. Our team of skilled theft attorneys offers a strong defense against these allegations. We understand the seriousness of theft charges and have the experience to back it up. Looking for a theft lawyer in Colorado Springs with a solid track record? You’re in the right place. We’ll adeptly guide you through Colorado’s complex theft laws.

Types of Theft Crimes and their Consequences 

In Colorado Springs, being accused of theft carries more than just legal consequences; it can significantly tarnish your reputation and trustworthiness in personal and professional circles. The stain of a theft charge can linger, influencing potential employers during background checks and affecting interpersonal relationships.

Colorado’s theft laws are comprehensive, encompassing a wide array of offenses beyond the usual acts like stealing money or goods. The definition covers actions like acquiring items deceptively, receiving stolen property, extortion, embezzlement, and misrepresenting eligibility for public benefits. The central premise revolves around the intention of depriving an owner of their property, either permanently or with conditions.

Based on the value of stolen items or services, theft is categorized into varying levels of severity, ranging from petty theft to grand theft:

  • Petty Theft: Involves property or services valued at less than $300. Potential penalties can include up to ten days in jail and fines of $300.
  • Misdemeanor Theft: Divided into Class 2 (property valued from $300 to $1,000) and Class 1 (property valued from $1,000 to $2,000). Penalties can range from 120 days to 364 days in jail and fines from $750 to $1,000.
  • Grand or Felony Theft: This covers thefts that exceed $2,000, with five classifications. At the upper end, Class 2 Felony theft, involving stolen property over $1,000,000, can result in up to 24 years in prison and fines of up to $1,000,000.

Furthermore, repeated felony offenses can intensify penalties. Habitual felons, or those convicted multiple times, can face sentences up to three times the maximum sentence.

Additionally, shoplifting, a common form of theft in Colorado, can be categorized based on the item’s value, with escalated penalties for those with prior shoplifting convictions.

Considering the intricate nature of theft laws and the profound personal and professional implications of a theft charge, having a competent Colorado Springs theft attorney becomes crucial. At The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, our commitment transcends the courtroom. We offer counsel, steadfast defense, and an understanding of the challenges you face.

Colorado Theft Laws and Defense Strategies

  • Theft vs. Robbery in Colorado: In Colorado, theft and robbery both involve taking property without permission. Robbery, however, includes the use of force or threats and requires the victim’s presence during the act. Understanding this distinction is essential when facing charges.
  • Property Ownership Questions:  
    • Was the item genuinely believed to be owned or shared, especially in relationships or familial setups?
    • In elder theft cases, could the property have been a gift or a result of miscommunication?
  • The intent of the Accused:
    • Knowingly: In Colorado theft laws, committing an act “knowingly” means the accused was aware of their actions and conscious that those actions constituted theft. The accused understands that the property belongs to someone else and deliberately takes it without permission.
    • Mistake of Fact: This defense argues that the accused genuinely believed their actions were lawful due to incorrect or incomplete information. For example, if someone took an item, thinking it was theirs when it wasn’t, they may have acted based on a “mistake of fact.” 
    • Too Intoxicated to Form an “Intent to Steal”: The intoxication defense suggests that the accused was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances to such an extent that they couldn’t form the required criminal intent. In theft cases, if the accused did not have the necessary mental state to understand or intend the act of stealing, intoxication could be a valid defense. 
  • Burden of Proof in Colorado: Defense strategies often revolve around making the prosecutor prove every element of the theft beyond a reasonable doubt:
    • Was the theft claim due to a stressed relationship?
    • Was there a genuine belief that the property was gifted?
    • Can the actual ownership of the property be challenged in court?

If facing theft or robbery charges in Colorado, hiring a knowledgeable Colorado Springs theft attorney can help navigate the complexities and ensure a solid defense.

Resources for Understanding Theft Laws in Colorado

  • Colorado Revised Statutes on Theft: Delve into the intricate details of Colorado’s theft laws and understand the repercussions.
  • Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition: Gain a deeper understanding of Colorado Springs’ criminal justice scene and its ongoing updates.

Why Choose Clifton Black for Theft Charge Defense in Colorado Springs?

  • Expert Theft Defense: Our theft attorneys use deep experience to craft defense strategies tailored to individual cases in Colorado Springs.
  • Aggressive Representation: we are among Colorado Springs’ top theft lawyer teams, and we always prioritize and vigorously defend our client’s rights.
  • Diverse Legal Assistance: Our team handles not just theft cases but a wide range of legal issues in Colorado.

Facing legal challenges in Colorado Springs? Rely on our expertise. We’re dedicated to ensuring you get the representation you deserve.

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