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Recreational Marijuana Grow Facility

Business Listing #22-04


Business Listing #22-04

Type of License: Recreational Marijuana Grow Facility

Located in Pueblo County.

In a world where tradition is continually challenged by innovation, a unique opportunity awaits the bold. It’s an opportunity not merely to enter an industry, but to redefine it, to leave a lasting mark on a landscape that is still being shaped. This is your chance to become a pioneer in an era of unbounded potential. Welcome to Business Listing #22-04, a thriving Tier 1 Recreational Grow Facility.


Price: $300,000

For just $300,000, step into the driver’s seat of a venture that combines nature’s bounty with the marvels of technology. It’s not just about cultivating 1,800 plants – it’s about creating an environment where innovation and green growth meet, were expansion isn’t merely possible, it’s expected.
(Premises is owned and completely paid for, if interested in purchasing real estate, that can be discussed at a later date.)


Licenses: Recreational Grow Facility is at a Tier 1 with 1,800 plants.

In operation under a Tier 1 license, this facility houses a healthy cultivation of 1,800 plants. But this is just the seed of what it could be. Imagine expanding your cultivation, erecting greenhouses, or even introducing an outdoor cultivation operation. Moreover, the potential to branch into edibles production is ripe with a MIP’s license. Extract cannabis for gummies, chocolates, or any delicacy your heart desires, pending Local and State approval.



Average Flower Plants: 1,080 Cycle Grow – 4-6 cycles a year

Average weight produced per year: 400 pounds.

This license does two outdoor harvest a year. Both harvests are 1,800 plants, totaling 3,600 plants a year.

Productivity and Yield:  Depending on the selected cannabis cultivars, we can cycle our plants 4 to 6 times per year. While most cannabis cultivators produce between 1-3 pounds per light per cycle, our cultivation is capable of producing between 472 pounds and a whopping 2,124 pounds of top-tier product per year.


Layout and Facility: Grow Square Footage: 6,608 sq. ft.

With 6,608 sq. ft. of space, this grow facility is equipped to accommodate your expansion ambitions. And at a competitive $7,000 per month triple net rent, it’s positioned for profitability.


Electrical, HVAC, and Lighting:

Equipped with a 2,000-amp three-phase service system, two 17.5-ton HVAC units, and a 4-ton unit system. The facility boasts 118 brand-new SpecGrade LED lights, each covered by a 10-year warranty.


Employees: 12, who desire to stay on.


Additional Information: Location comes with a fully automatic watering system, 35-tons of AC (doubling the needed amount), and the entire facility is heppa filters and has hydrogen peroxide vaper machines for clean flower.


Seller willing to contract to sell flower on a consignment with buyer for higher price than wholesale.



Sales in 2019: $459,060*
Sales in 2020: $4,217,095*
Sales in 2021: $3,894,389*
Sales in 2022: $15,050,000* and produced flower
*Combined Revenues with the Seller’s other businesses, see listing 22-03*


Profits in 2019: $143,781*
Profits in 2020: $1,705,395*
Profits in 2021: $1,204,043*
Profits for 2022: $230,000* after owner salaries

*Combined Profits with Seller’s other business, see listing 22-03*


Assets Included:

This sale includes a wealth of assets: 118 grow lights, an automated dosatron watering system with controllers and dab booster pumps, a T2 Twister trimmer with a conveyor belt and trim saver, a Green Bro-Bucking Harvest machine, and more. You’ll also acquire a 53ft semi-trailer, two Quest Dehumidifiers, a 1-ton safe, and a DVR system with battery backup and 26 cameras, among other assets. In the booming cannabis industry, opportunity knocks but once. Will you answer? This could be the start of an incredible journey – your future in the green market awaits!

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