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Three Businesses In One

Business Listing #22-06


Three Businesses In One

Business Listing #22-06

Welcome to the magnificent Rockies, where we are offering an unparalleled business opportunity that melds three thriving cannabis ventures into one complete package. This ultimate combination includes a pioneering Medical Marijuana Store (MMS), a state-of-the-art Recreational Grow Facility, and an established Recreational Marijuana Dispensary and Grow Facility. With a total price tag of $2,250,000, this exceptional package invites you to claim your stake in Colorado’s cannabis industry.

Type of License: 2 Recreational Grows, Recreational Dispensary, and Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Combined Listing of #’s 22-03, 22-04, and 22-05.

Located in Pueblo County, and El Paso County.

Listing #22-05: Medical Marijuana Store (Price: $295,000)

Perfectly located in Colorado Springs, this MMS is right off the interstate, surrounded by amenities, and just minutes away from the iconic Garden of the Gods. It’s not just a retail store but a destination in itself. The lean staffing of this operation guarantees minimal labor costs, while the potential to expand the product line promises an excellent avenue for future growth. This store has already amassed $10 million in sales, providing a strong foundation for the incoming proprietor.

Listing #22-04: Recreational Cannabis Facility Asset Purchase & Licensing (Price: $300,000)

Step into the future with this Tier 1 Recreational Grow Facility, which currently cultivates 1,800 plants under modern, automated conditions. Expansion opportunities abound, with potential for edibles production via a MIP’s license. This facility produces between 472 and 2,124 pounds of premium product per year, and the building, equipment, and tech included provide an outstanding basis for future endeavors.

Listing #22-03: Recreational Marijuana Dispensary and Grow Facility (Price: $1,420,000)

Located in the picturesque Pueblo West, this expansive recreational marijuana enterprise offers a 3,996 sq. ft. dispensary along with a 1-acre grow facility. With a strong customer base of 37,000 and a team of eight dedicated employees, this venture has generated $12 million in revenue since its establishment.

Total Price: $2,250,000

Prefer to Sell all licenses together, real estate not included in listed price but if interested price can be discussed at that time.



Recreational Grow, and Dispensary: Leased, $10,000 per month up for renewal on November 30th, 2022.

Recreational Dispensary: Owned, and completely paid for.

Medical Dispensary: Leased, $4,085.18 per month, lease is renewed yearly.



1st Recreational Grow and Dispensary: Average of 1,800 plants on premises, and 1,000 pounds of weight produced per year.

2nd Recreational Grow: Average of 1,080 plants on premises, with 4-6 cycle harvest a year, and 400 pounds of weight produced per year.



1st Recreational Grow and Dispensary: Grow is on 1 acre of land, the store is 3,996 sq. ft.

2nd Recreational Grow: 6,608 sq. ft.

Medical Dispensary: 2,375 sq. ft.



1st Recreational Grow and Dispensary: 600-amp, three phase system.

2nd Recreational Grow: 2,000-amp, three phase system.

Medical Dispensary: Standard electrical service system.


1st Recreational Grow and Dispensary: Six, 4-ton units and four evaporative unit systems.

2nd Recreational Grow: Two, 17.5-ton units, one 12-ton unit, and one 4-ton unit system.



1st Recreational Grow and Dispensary: Outdoor Grow, but the building is wired with a 240 V plugs for lights for a potential inside grow.

2nd Recreational Grow: 118 Spec-grade LED lights.



Total Employees: 12, employees are desiring to stay.

Total Managers: 4 who desire to stay on.


Additional Information: Recreational Grow Licenses may be increased up to 10,200 plants, or unlimited plants as permitted under the rules (with approval). There is a lot of room for expansion, for more building and greenhouses, if desired. Both buildings have ample room for a Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) license, and a kitchen.

Buyers have a very large market share in the local county area and have a texting program with over 10,000 people that receive daily deals.



Total Sales in 2018: $628,789
Total Sales in 2019: $768,596
Total Sales in 2020: $8,350,857
Total Sales in 2021: $5,653,761
Total Sales in 2022: $1,785,000 and produced flower



Total Profits in 2018: $46,562
Total Profits in 2019: $219,763
Total Profits in 2020: $2,472,305
Total Profits in 2021: $1,666,927
Total Profits in 2022: $230,000 after owner salaries


Assets Across All Listings Include:

POS systems, computers, and printers; refrigeration units; glass display cabinets; DVR system with battery backup; security cameras; safes; stainless steel tables; massage chair; TVs; grow lights; automated dosatron watering system; T2 Twister trimmer; a Green Bro-Bucking Harvest machine; a 53ft semi-trailer; Quest Dehumidifiers; harvest freeze dryer; flower packing machine; kitchen appliances; storage racks; water tanks, and more. Each business in this grand trio is ripe with potential and equipped for success. Embrace the spirit of Colorado, embark on this rewarding journey in the cannabis industry, and capitalize on the green rush in the heart of the Rockies!

Are you ready to soar to new heights? Your future at the peak awaits!

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