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What is Spousal Support?

Spousal support, often referred to as alimony, is called “maintenance” in Colorado. It’s separate from child support, which covers the costs of raising children. Maintenance is intended to financially assist a spouse post-divorce, legal separation, or annulment. This is crucial, especially when one spouse has been the main earner, and the other has focused more on caregiving duties during the marriage. Arrangements like this can hinder the caregiver’s career advancement. Therefore, maintenance helps balance the potential future income differences post-marriage. If you are navigating these issues in Colorado Springs, consulting an experienced spousal support attorney like those at The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC is essential to understand rights, potential outcomes, and ensure the protection of personal interests.

Spousal Maintenance in Colorado: A Basic Guide

Spousal maintenance, often called alimony or spousal support, helps one spouse financially during or after a divorce. Its goal is to make sure both people can live reasonably well once they’re no longer together. In Colorado, the law (Colorado Revised Statutes § 14-10-114) says spousal maintenance can be given if one spouse needs money and the other can afford to give it.

There are two main types of spousal maintenance in Colorado: 

  1. Temporary Maintenance: This is given while the divorce is happening. It helps the spouse who doesn’t earn as much cover their costs during the divorce.
  2. Permanent Maintenance: Once the divorce is done, this long-term help is given. It’s for the spouse who might have trouble supporting themselves on their own.

Understanding these types is important. If you’re getting a divorce, knowing about temporary and permanent maintenance can help you make sure things are fair. It’s about knowing your rights and what you should get or give during and after the divorce.

Details on Permanent Maintenance

This is the money given to the spouse who needs it after the divorce is official. It’s different from the short-term temporary support. Permanent maintenance looks at the big picture, like the long-lasting money problems one spouse might have. The court thinks about many factors when deciding if permanent maintenance should be given and how much:

  • How much money both people earn.
  • All the money and property they have.
  • The lifestyle they had when married.
  • How long they were married.
  • How much temporary maintenance was given.
  • If one person helped the other in their career.

Permanent maintenance is usually given if one spouse can’t earn enough to live a similar lifestyle as when they were married or if they need to care for a child and can’t work right away.

Details on Temporary Maintenance

This is money given to one spouse while the divorce is still going on. It helps them cover their costs during that time. To get this, the spouse must show they need financial help and can’t cover their costs on their own during the divorce. The court looks at many of the same things as for permanent maintenance but focuses on the here and now, not the future. The court decides how long temporary maintenance will last.

Resources for Understanding Spousal Support in Colorado

  • Colorado Revised Statutes on Spousal Support: Dive into the details of Colorado’s spousal support laws and associated consequences.
  • Colorado Judicial Branch – Maintenance & Alimony: Gain a deeper understanding of spousal support procedures and available resources in Colorado Springs.

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