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Defense Attorney Clifton Black Obtains Case Dismissal

Senior partner Clifton Black obtains dismissal in a theft case.  Mr. Black was able to demonstrate that the item to have allegedly been stolen did not belong to the complaining party, had no value, was more likely an issue of a family feud, and that the criminal court was not the appropriate forum to resolve […]

Defense Attorney Aaron Gaddis Earns Two Case Dismissals

[firm] defense attorney Aaron Gaddis earned two dismissals on two separate cases over the last two weeks. The first matter was a felony child abuse charge: Aaron recommended a child abuse evaluation be completed, and upon receiving the report negotiated diligently with the District Attorney who ultimately dismissed the case. The second matter was for […]

Attorney Clifton Black Tirelessly Negotiates Felony Charges Down

Client was charged with cultivation of marijuana, a drug felony 3; possession with intent to manufacture or distribute marijuana or marijuana concentrate, a drug felony 2; and conspiracy to possess 5 to 50 pounds or marijuana.  After our senior criminal defense partner Clifton Black worked approximately 6 months of on the case including numerous court […]

Clifton Black Earns Misdemeanor Case Dismissal

Attorney Clifton Black earns misdemeanor dismissal for his client, who was charged with harassment, criminal mischief, domestic violence and child abuse.  Utilizing experts in the field, Mr. Black was able to show that his client was non-abusive in nature and did not commit the acts the client was accused of committing, thus saving the client’s […]

Clifton Black Gets Felony Trespassing Charge Dismissed For Client

This week our senior defense partner, Clifton Black, represented a client charged with felony trespass. Cliff had the felony dismissed and received an offer for client to receive a deferred sentence to a misdemeanor.  Provided client completes some classes and has no new charges, the misdemeanor will be dismissed, preventing a conviction on client’s record. […]

Clifton Black Earns DUI-THC Dismissal

On January 22, 2013, our defense partner Clifton Black earned the dismissal of a DUI-THC charge on behalf of one of his clients. Clifton recently authored an article specifically addressing DUI-THC, located here in our Colorado Springs DUI guide.

Attorney Clifton Black Earns Case Dismissal

[firm]’s senior defense partner, Clifton Black, earned a dismissal today on domestic violence charges. Upon the conclusion of the pre-plea investigation report, it was determined the District Attorney didn’t have a prima facie case, and it was immediately dismissed. The criminal defense lawyers at [firm] understand the importance of all resources while working a case, […]

Law Offices of Clifton Black June Dismissals

The defense attorneys here at [firm] have had a busy June – Clifton Black, our senior criminal defense partner, has earned several dismissals in the last week alone, including a probation revocation, marijuana charges, as well as a domestic violence matter. Our criminal defense associate Aaron Gaddis has had equal success this month– he too […]

All In A Week’s Work!

Our defense attorneys here at [firm] have certainly had a busy week – our senior defense partner, Clifton Black, has earned case dismissals on 4 matters in as many days, and our associate Aaron Gaddis earned a dismissal in the same time! The cases Clifton Black earned dismissals on were for theft, DUI, child abuse, and prohibited use […]

Law Offices of Clifton Black Earn Trial Victory!

All of us at [firm] want to extend a big congratulations to our veteran associate attorney, Oliver Johnson, on his recent jury trial victory of March 2014. After 2 days in trial, Mr. Johnson’s hard work and advocacy on behalf of his client allowed the client to obtain not guilty verdicts on all 3 counts […]