Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Issues Ruling Regarding Prosecution Of MMJ Cases

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On August 16, 2016 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling on the ten consolidated case appeals from criminal defendants from California and Washington. The petitioners were allegedly involved in the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana. While both California and Washington allow the medical use of marijuana, the federal government does not […]

Record Sealing In Colorado Springs

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All criminal court records are open to the public.  This means that anyone can go to the records department at the local court house and research whether someone has been charged and/or convicted of a crime.  The great news is the you maybe eligible to have your case sealed.  Sealing your case is when a […]

Victories For Defense Attorney Clifton Black!

Productive day for senior partner Clifton Black, first having a misdemeanor dismissed in municipal court, then reaching an agreement with a District Attorney in the Denver metro area to dismiss a probation revocation. The probation revocation could’ve resulted in a felony conviction, which likely would’ve also resulted in loss of employment, and a potential prison […]

Vote For Law Offices of Clifton Black As Best Of The Springs!

Its that time of year again – the Gazette is running the Best of the Springs 2016, and we’d love to have you vote for our firm as the best in Colorado Springs! Simply click the logo below, and you’ll be navigated to the Best of the Springs website. After entering your email address, select […]

Defense Partner Clifton Black Earns Dismissal Of Domestic Violence Charges

[firm]’s defense partner Clifton Black had all charges against his client dismissed. Mr. Black’s client was charged with assault and domestic violence. Mr. Black was able to demonstrate that the client was not guilty. The prosecutor agreed to conduct an evaluation of the client and the facts of the case, indicating the client was not […]

Permanent Restraining Order Denied

Mr. Black’s client was involved in a family dispute in Denver which resulted in a misdemeanor charge and a civil restraining order against his client. Mr. Black was able to show the prosecutor that the complaining party was the aggressor and had the criminal charge dismissed 5 months ago. Mr. Black conducted a contested hearing […]

Defense Attorney Jen Knies Earns Case Dismissal

[firm] criminal defense associate, Jen Knies, earned a case dismissal for her client charged with domestic violence, harassment and menacing. This is the most recent case in a series of dismissals Ms. Knies has negotiated for her clients since joining our firm, to include felony dismissals ranging from assault to robbery charges. If you are […]

Defense Attorney Clifton Black Obtains Case Dismissal

Senior partner Clifton Black obtains dismissal in a theft case.  Mr. Black was able to demonstrate that the item to have allegedly been stolen did not belong to the complaining party, had no value, was more likely an issue of a family feud, and that the criminal court was not the appropriate forum to resolve […]

Defense Attorney Aaron Gaddis Earns Two Case Dismissals

[firm] defense attorney Aaron Gaddis earned two dismissals on two separate cases over the last two weeks. The first matter was a felony child abuse charge: Aaron recommended a child abuse evaluation be completed, and upon receiving the report negotiated diligently with the District Attorney who ultimately dismissed the case. The second matter was for […]