Domestic Violence and Technology: Navigating Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

The invention of internet technology has dramatically transformed our lives, connecting us across continents and cultures. However, it has also introduced new, subtle methods for domestic violence online. Today, in the world of social media, email accounts, and smartphone apps, lies a growing concern: online harassment and domestic abuse.

At the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, we’ve recognized the change domestic violence allegations have undergone in this digital age. Social media technology can be misconstrued and also used as evidence. This creates a permanent snapshot of you when you were at your angriest that may be used against you for the rest of your life.

What follows is a look at how online harassment allegations have changed since the invention of social media, the dangers involved in posting harassing messages in today’s society, and how a defense attorney experienced in domestic violence allegations can make all the difference.

The Good and the Bad of Digital Communication

Digital communication is obviously an incredible technology because it can unite people from all across the globe. Unfortunately, it often lacks the social nuances that a face-to-face conversation has. Because of this, misinterpretations can escalate quickly and even lead to harassment accusations. A message meant as a joke or made in frustration can be misconstrued as a threat. With careful consideration of such misunderstandings, our legal team focuses on the intent and context behind your words. We argue this point in your defense so the entire story is told, not just a quick screenshot that doesn’t convey your opinion completely.

Understanding the Allegations

Accusations of digital abuse can encompass a wide range of actions. Other prominent examples include the alleged sharing of copyrighted or sensitive material, accusations of “controlling” a partner’s behavior on social media, or charges of stalking a particular person through repeated online interactions. These allegations can be serious and impact both your personal and professional life. Understanding the nature of these allegations is important for mounting an effective defense:

  • Cyberbullying claims may involve accusations of repetitive actions meant to belittle or intimidate the alleged victim.
  • Online Harassment charges can stem from a single incident or several unwanted advances that the accuser decides are inappropriate.
  • Cyberstalking allegations can arise from claims of unauthorized monitoring or tracking of online activities.

Legal Defenses and Remedies

Navigating online harassment or domestic violence accusations requires a careful understanding of the law’s protective measures. Your defense attorney may use various techniques to prove your innocence or show your lack of intent to harm. The defense techniques that the Law Offices of Clifton Black will use will be dependent upon the specifics of your case. However, these are the most common defense strategies we commonly employ.

  • Misunderstanding or Lack of Intent: Often, what is interpreted as harassment can be a misunderstanding. We take a close look into the context, tone, and history of communication to demonstrate the absence of harmful intent.
  • Provocation: Sometimes, interactions that are perceived as offensive are actually responses to being provoked by the alleged victim. We gather and present evidence that may show the accused was not the instigator. If we can show you were reacting to the accuser, we can potentially reduce the severity of the charge.
  • Consent: In instances where the interactions were consensual at first, we highlight the legal implications of this agreement. Consent can significantly affect the legal standing of a case, especially when the nature of the relationship is complex, and the lines of acceptable behavior are blurred. Unraveling what is or isn’t appropriate for partners to post online is sometimes a difficult job. However, by listening closely to your side of the story, we present what happened clearly and officially.
  • Lack of Evidence: Allegations must always be backed by concrete evidence. We scrutinize the evidence to make sure it’s real, it’s relevant to your case, and it’s admissible in court. If evidence is found to be lacking or improperly handled, we can have it dismissed. This weakens the case of your accuser.
  • Rights to Free Speech: The line between free speech and harassment can be thin and difficult to pin down. We watch out for the constitutional rights of our clients and ensure their freedom of expression is not violated. We want to protect victims of online harassment, but we can’t allow the sensitivities of others to ruin our clients’ lives. Allegations can be thrown around for the express purpose of tarnishing the reputation of the accused, so we often argue that what you said was within your constitutional rights to say.

At the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, we pride ourselves on our thorough approach to each defense. Our experienced team is committed to exploring every avenue of your case to ensure you are defended within the law.

Navigating the Legal System

The legal system is always complex, and navigating it requires expertise and understanding. Especially since modern digital evidence is so easy to acquire, save, and fake.

Our online harassment lawyers scrutinize evidence by determining its relevance to the case and confirming its authenticity. This is particularly challenging for digital evidence because it is famous for being easy to change or alter. We ensure evidence is admissible by going beyond what is hearsay and finding the truth in your case.

Our attorneys understand that digital evidence must meet strict legal standards to be credible. We ensure a clear chain of custody and use advanced forensics to confirm that digital records are authentic and unaltered. We focus on the evidence’s direct relevance and accuracy to withstand legal scrutiny and strengthen your case.

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