Business Listing #22-22

$1,500,000, with real estate included.

Type of License: Medical Marijuana Cultivation (OPC), Tier 1

Located in Ordway, Colorado


Price: $1,500,000, with real estate included.


Layout: 5.20 acres / 226,512 sq. ft.


Electrical: 110V, 220 Volts, Phase 3


Utilities: Natural Gas, City Water and Septic Tank


Additional Information: This facility is an indoor/outdoor fully operation greenhouse with highly experienced growers maintaining the facility. A fully sealed facility with upgraded Nexus greenhouse system with enclosed wet wall, motorized blackout curtain, high-end roller tables with auto water feed system. Top of the line commercial grade Quest de-humidifier, cement slab flooring, and enclosed water tank storage.

The indoor greenhouse offers the perfect space for vegetative plant care, secure framed steel doors. Office comes with camera complaint hardware, ADA compliant bathroom with showers, washer, and dryer area, dry nutrient storage room, fully fenced.

Facility comes with a 6-foot gate in the front, and 35-foot gate in the back. 1,400-ft fenced in grow area with 8-ft with barbed wire. Power plumbed for additional greenhouses.


Financing: $50,000 minimum earnest money deposit.


Asset List:

  • 2 – RO Systems expansion tanks
  • 200-gallon Grass Roots fabric pots with moisture barrier
  • 480V 3 phase 800 amp
  • 2 – 120/208V sub-panels
  • 2- 277V sub panels
  • 2 – 1,500-gallon tanks
  • 3,000-gallon tank (outside)
  • 200-gallon reserve for wet wall
  • 165 – 200-gallon pots
  • 2 – 5/42’ grow beds
  • 4 – 4/20’ grow beds
  • Twister T4 with conveyor belt
  • Kief collector
  • 24 – Indoor lights, Spydr 2i series, with dimmer control
  • 50 – Greenhouse lights. Vypr 3p series
  • Quest 335 dehumidifier (dry room)
  • Quest 506 dehumidifier (greenhouse)
  • Twister trimmer bundle
  • T4 Twister Trimmer with speed control
  • Twister Trimmer Collector
  • Twister Trimmer Conveyor Belt
  • 2 – Twister Timmer Tumbler
  • 2 – Natural Gas Heaters
  • 20 – Security Cameras
  • Co2 burner
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Office
  • Vault
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink/ Mop sink
  • Booster pump
  • Nutrient Storage Room
  • Natural Gas instant hot water heater
  • 2 air conditioners, natural gas heat

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