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Criminal Defense

Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer | Providing Aggressive and Reliable Criminal Defense Throughout Colorado

The Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC provides criminal defense services in Colorado Springs and across Colorado. Our attorneys are skilled Colorado criminal defense lawyers who are committed to ensuring your rights are upheld. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of Colorado’s criminal laws, especially when faced with charges that can impact your future. We emphasize the importance of experienced representation and in-depth case analysis. We prioritize client needs and stay updated with the ever-changing criminal statutes of Colorado. Our goal is to offer the best possible defense for every individual we represent.

Understanding Criminal Charges in Colorado

When faced with criminal charges in Colorado, navigating the state’s legal system, penalties, and procedures becomes crucial. Both defendants and their families need clarity on Colorado’s criminal laws. Hiring an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer is vital to make informed decisions throughout.

Non-Arrest Charges in Colorado

In instances of violations like traffic offenses, you won’t be arrested but will receive a court summons. Failing to appear at your court date can result in the judge issuing an arrest warrant.

Arrest Procedures

Upon arrest in Colorado, you’ll be booked at the police department or county jail. This involves filling out paperwork, fingerprinting, and photographing. Some charges may require police custody until a court hearing, usually within 48 hours. Make note of every police action for your defense lawyer to verify that your rights are respected and proper procedures are followed.

For DUI/DWAI charges, a separate court process ensues. You’ll be asked for a blood test to measure alcohol levels or be offered a breathalyzer. Refusing these tests may lead to an automatic license suspension. You will then have seven days to request a hearing regarding this suspension. At this juncture, it’s imperative to consult a Colorado criminal defense lawyer right away. Do not volunteer information until your lawyer arrives.

Court Appearances in Colorado

In District Court, your “first appearance” informs you of your rights. For misdemeanors, you may be offered a plea deal by the District Attorney. If you haven’t consulted your attorney, it is advised you plead “not guilty” or request time to consult with an attorney before making a decision to take the plea. The judge will then determine an appropriate bail amount or release you on a Personal Recognizance bond (PR bond).

For felonies, a preliminary hearing determines if the evidence against you is enough to officially file charges. If charges are entered, an arraignment hearing will follow, where you’ll be formally charged and can have the option to enter a plea or plead not guilty. The court will likely set bail to ensure your presence at subsequent proceedings. If bail is unaffordable, a bail bondsman can cover the amount after you pay a percentage or offer collateral. If you can’t pay a bondsperson or provide collateral, you’ll stay in jail until case resolution.

Discovery and Defense Preparation

This phase allows you and your attorney to review evidence. An adept Colorado criminal defense attorney will scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence and strategize the best defense. It’s crucial to have a defense lawyer familiar with Colorado law and capable of identifying the prosecution’s weak points.

The Criminal Justice System in Colorado

Criminal conduct allegations in Colorado are governed by the Colorado Revised Statutes—these range from minor misdemeanors to severe felonies. For defendants, understanding these laws is vital. Criminal defense attorneys are essential to guide defendants through court proceedings. Due to the profound implications of criminal charges, defense lawyers with knowledge of court processes and defense methods are crucial.

Scope of Criminal Charges in Colorado

The criminal code in Colorado is extensive, covering numerous offenses. Deciphering these charges can be challenging. This is where seasoned criminal defense attorneys become invaluable.

  • DUIs: Penalties for driving under the influence can be stringent. Our defense lawyers focus in managing DUI cases, ensuring all rights are preserved and clients are adequately represented.
  • Drug Offenses: Colorado enforces strict rules for drug-related crimes. Our defense lawyers assist in understanding the charges, the possible penalties, and potential defenses.
  • Cybercrimes: In today’s digital era, defending against cybercrimes requires focused knowledge. Our criminal defense attorneys are skilled in addressing cybercrime charges and formulating effective defenses.
  • Violent Crimes: Allegations of violent crimes can change lives. We focus on delivering strong representation, helping clients grasp the charges, outcomes, and optimal defense approaches.

Every charge offers defense possibilities. Our aim is to clarify the exact charges and potential penalties for defendants. Equipped with this insight, individuals can decide on their case’s direction with certainty. Backed by our experienced criminal defense lawyers, defendants can confidently navigate Colorado’s legal intricacies.

Understanding Specific Charges in Colorado

According to the 2020 Colorado Revised Statutes (Title 24, Article 4.1), the term “crime” encompasses various offenses under the state’s statutes, including but not limited to:

  • Murder (first and second degree)
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault (ranging from first to third degree)
  • Kidnapping (first and second degree)
  • Sexual assault

These definitions and more are critical for understanding the extent of charges faced and ensuring a well-prepared defense.

Resources for the Accused: Colorado’s Legal Framework

  • Colorado Revised Statutes | Criminal Code: Familiarize yourself with Colorado’s governing laws. Seek guidance from experienced defense lawyers on the specifics of various offenses and penalties.
  • Colorado State Court System: Gain insights into Colorado’s judiciary, and learn about district and county courts. Discover the nuances of the state’s judicial system through the eyes of seasoned criminal defense attorneys.

Why Trust Clifton Black for Your Criminal Defense?

  • Depth of Experience: We’ve managed a wide range of cases, offering a customized defense approach designed for each client’s specific situation.
  • Client Focus: More than just defending you, our defense attorneys prioritize keeping you informed, supported, and ready throughout the proceedings.
  • Broad Case Handling: Be it DUIs, theft, cybercrimes, or white-collar offenses, our defense lawyers handle an extensive range of criminal cases, guaranteeing expert representation for every charge.

Navigating Colorado’s legal system involves more than just understanding the charge. With a Colorado criminal defense lawyer from Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC, you receive aggressive and compassionate representation at all stages. Call (719) 328-1616 to schedule a consultation today!

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If you’re facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs or Denver, reach out to the Law Offices of Clifton Black, PC today. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are ready to guide and represent you during this crucial period.

We’ve successfully defended clients against various criminal charges. We thoroughly analyze each detail of your case, aiming to develop a strong defense strategy to protect your rights and pursue the best outcome.

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