Alternative Sentences for DUI Offenders

Have you been convicted of a DUI offense? This article can help you understand alternative sentencing options that won’t have a significant impact on your life.

How to Fight a Wrongful DUI Charge

Are you facing DUI charges in Colorado? Keep reading to find out how you can fight a wrongful DUI charge with the help of a top DUI defense attorney.

Costs of DUI in Colorado

There are a surprising amount of costs associated with getting a DUI conviction. To be prepared for this process, you will want to have a realistic idea of how much money this is going to cost you.

Domestic Violence in Colorado

If you or a person you know are currently involved in an issue that may result in police officer contact, has resulted in police officer contact, or has already reached the level of being charged or arrested, the Law Offices of Clifton Black is able to help from initial contact with police through the entire court process.

What is a Habitual Offender in Colorado?

There are plenty of instances where you may be accused of being a habitual offender without good reason. Because of this, you need to understand the nuances of this label and how you can best defend yourself.